A Simple Personal Trainer Sales Guide

In this personal trainer sales guide you’ll learn to turn prospects into long term paying customers. Note: Don’t ever read directly from a script as you wont be able to actively listen to what your prospective is saying. Instead get to know the script inside and out, read it over and over and over (I’d honestly suggest at least 40 times) and make sure you really understand each question.   Outline - Take the prospect through these three phases: 1. Pain – Find out the REAL reason they’re getting in touch with you. What is the motivating pain making them look for a personal trainer? We’re going to dig deep here. 2. Investment – Want to make sure they are willing to invest the time, effort, and money for their goals. 3. Decision – If everything is in line we will schedule an initial assessment/ consultation. Only possible reason they wouldn’t sign-up is if they didn’t like you.   Find Their Why: “Great, so what is that you want to achieve?.….What are your goals?” You really want to dig deep to find their desires (hot button). Not the “what” (the first reason they tell you), but deeper than that, might take a few layers of questions to find the real pain. Ask things like: “What do you mean by that?” “Why does that bother you?” “How do you mean?” “How does that make you feel?” Get them to tell you what they are looking for, ask: “What do you feel we will help you with the most?” “Why haven’t you been able to do this on your own?” These questions are not necessarily in order; they need to be felt out by the appointment setter. Go a little negative on them by getting them to convince us why they need a trainer, for example, if they say they need to lose 5-10kgs, you say: “Lots of people (their desire) and it doesn’t bother them, why is it such a big deal for you?” Dig Deeper: “What do you mean by that?” And Deeper: “And how does that make you feel?” a) “What would it mean to you if you could solve that problem?” b) “Are you 100% committed to solving that problem?” c) “Great, well the good news is we can help you do that.” Confirm Investment – Time, Energy, Financial Get “yes” answers on each of these before moving on to next section, if any are a definite no, it’s okay to end the call politely: 1. “Now, it’s going to take working out at least (X) times per week, as well as staying on top of your eating to really get the best results possible, is that something you’re willing to do for (their desire)?” 2. “Great, our average rates are either (enter your price ranges – but don’t give one exact price at this stage) a month depending on what package your looking too do, is that within your budget?” 3. “Is there anyone else you would need to talk to like Wife/Husband/Parents if you were going to start the program or is the decision all up to you?” If they say the decision is all up to them move onto the next phase. If they need to talk to somebody, ask them to speak with that person before making the appointment. Schedule Appointment “Now the next step is for us to schedule your initial consultation. This is where we can find out exactly where you are at right now and the best way to get you to (their goals) in the most efficient way possible. Its also where you can make sure I’m the right trainer for you and I can see if you are a good fit to be one of my clients. Then if we both believe it’d make a good fit we can arrange our schedule to get you to (their goals) in the fastest time possible, does that sound good? “Great, so let’s book your consultation”[templatera id="6524"]