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How to Build Brand Community for your Small Business

How to Build Brand Community for your Small Business

Learn how to build brand community in 5 simple steps. Build a strong and thriving community to have your business thrive in a crowded online space.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Small Business Owner

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, imposter syndrome can be debilitating. We share 7 tips for overcoming imposter syndrome to have you take action and be confident.

9 Steps to Deal with a Negative Customer Review

How to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews

Negative customer reviews are never easy, and they can damage your business. Use our 9 easy steps to turn a negative customer review into a positive experience.

8 Key Ways for Building Strong Client Relationships in 2022

8 Key Ways for Building Strong Client Relationships in 2022

Discover the key ingredients in building strong client relationship with our relationship building tips to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners Tips for Creating a Healthy Balance

Tips for Creating Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners

Claim back time and reduce stress with work-life balance for small business owners. Discover tips for creating a healthy balance to improve mental and physical health.

5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Service Personal as Your Business Grows

5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Service Personal as Your Business Grows

Discover 5 smart ways to deliver consistent personal service when growing a business to have your customers feel valued and generate more sales.

Text & Email Reminders

How To Setup Text & Email Reminders With Keepon

This amazing feature will save you time, reduce cancellations and in turn help you to make more money. Text and Email reminders can be set up via your settings to apply to all appointments created by either yourself or booked online from here on out. You can also customise or add these whilst creating an appointment or go into previously set...

How to over come client cancellations

The Ultimate Cancellation Policy Template

Whether you're a: * Beauty Specialist  * Barber * Car Detailer * Cleaner * Counsellor * Coach/Trainer * Driving Instructor * Entertainer  * Gardener / Landscaper * Hairdresser * Massage Therapist * Personal Trainer * Pet Specialist  * Photographer * Physiotherapist  * Tattoo Artist * Tutor / Teacher * Or in any other industry A cancellation...

Keepon products and services

How to create Products & Services that you frequently use in Keepon

Creating Products & Services that you frequently use in Keepon is super easy and will, of course, save you time and make your life a lot easier. So let’s get started. Step 1 - There are a couple of ways of going about this, one way is going through the “Make Sale” function which is almost identical to this...

Keepon make sale function

How to use "Make Sale" in Keepon

Keepon now has the ability to allow you to manage the products and services you sell in an even more simplified and streamlined manner.   In this article, we are going to show you how to use the “Make Sale” function in Keepon for marking and tracking sales of Services, Credit Packs & Items.  First things first you are...

Gathering Feedback KEEPON

Gathering feedback from clients that stopped using your services

So today I want to talk to you about something that not enough of us do and that is following-up and gathering feedback from past clients. The number of businesses/services that I have stopped using, for whatever reason over time, that have never followed up to ask why or to see if they can help me again blows my...

following up with past clients Keepon

Following-up with past clients

So your clients stopped working with you for whatever reason (hopefully you read my article on <a>gathering feedback</a>). Now lets fast forward a bit and imagine some time has elapsed and it’s time to reach out and see if they can benefit from your services again at all.  This really isn’t that complex it just requires you to take...

How to use Keepon Calendar Integrations

How to use Keepon Calendar Integrations

Keepon allows you to both Connect external calendars or Share with external calendars. Refer to the details below for more information on each and the subsequent steps  Connect external calendars  Connect your external calendars to Keepon.  External events will show in the Keepon calendar and block out time for online booking availability. Follow Steps 1 to 4 Share with external calendars  Share the...

Allow Notification in IOS Apple App

Allow Notification in Keepon's iOS Apple App

Notifications in Keepon are super important, they are not there so we can market to you or bug you. We’ve built multiple notifications to notify you about important events in your business like a new booking confirmed, received or missed payments and so forth. So we highly recommend that you have notifications enabled to ensure you don’t miss anything...

Massage Business Advertising Ideas (2)

Massage Business Advertising Ideas

Simple and easy to execute on advertising ideas to help your massage business get more clients

Benefits of online bookings

What are the benefits of setting up online books?

Never say "What time works for you?" ever. Again. A few of the ways online bookings will benefit your business are: 1. Set up individual services e.g. "free consultation" or "45-minute appointment" that anyone can book into 2. Set your availability (so there are no double bookings) 3. Remove the back and forth of...

chasing up overdue payments

Chasing up overdue payment

Chasing up with clients can feel like running a marathon sometimes, so we have made it super easy for you by running it for you. Keepon will send out automated follow-ups on both reoccurring/overdue payments after 24 hours so that you never have to worry about chasing up clients again and well keep you in the loop too with in-app notifications...


How to add clients into Keepon

We know how frustrating it can be to try and organise things and move away from a routine and that’s why we’ve made importing your clients into Keepon simple and easy. Open the app, tap on the clients icon on the bottom right of the tab bar. You have two choices, you can: 1. Add your clients individually which can also be...


Online bookings, a must-have for a modern solo business

Last week we introduced our latest feature, Online bookings. This allows you to share your services with the world and have anyone book online.


Taking a Thoughtful Approach with Client Fitness Assessments

The types of fitness assessments and screening protocols are varied and diverse. Previous thinking would have personal trainers conduct as many assessments as possible with their client because collecting data is valuable and measurable. Theoretically, the more data you have, the better. Practically, this isn’t true. When it comes to conducting fitness assessments and baseline activity screenings, it’s important to...


What to Consider before Choosing a Gym or Studio

You’re newly certified and are getting ready to begin your journey as a fitness professional. The question becomes – where to begin that journey. Each facility has something different to offer and now you have the challenge of researching and choosing which type of facility you want to work for or contract with. It’s a tall order, but here...


PT Independent Contractor Questions to Ask

Personal trainers have the luxury of deciding if they want to work as an employee for a fitness facility or work as an independent contractor (IC). Both have their positives and negatives. For example, independent contractors can set their own rates and hours and don’t answer to a “boss”. On the other hand, they are responsible for all tax...


Own your PT job interview

Interviewing for a new job is exciting and can be intimidating – if you let it be. Taking the time to prepare and plan will result in a better interview experience. Here are some aspects to consider and steps you can take to make sure you’re ready to ace the interview and possibly land the job. Nothing guarantees a...


Overcoming career plateaus as a fitness professional

Plateaus in a career are as common as fitness plateaus our clients experience. These “lulls” are neither good nor bad but are rather clues to the need for change. Do you need a change? Sometime to shake-up the status quo? Here are some ways to address and overcome a professional plateau. Imagine you’re driving down a road and you...


12 mistakes to avoid as a personal trainer

Mistakes are inevitable components of personal and professional growth. Mistakes are how we learn and how we identify areas for transformation. Mistakes do not have to be regarded as fatal or permanent. That said, there are common errors personal trainers make that can be avoided. Sidestep these issues when you start out in your fitness career. Not reading this...


5 Ways to take back your time as a trainer

Personal training is a busy business. Whether you’re on the floor, teaching a group fitness class, or programming for your next workout sessions with clients, you’re on the go – and should be. That’s how we get it done. If you ever feel like you’re just not able to harness and use your time effectively each week, try these...


'EASIER' business success

If you follow these six steps and still don’t achieve your goals it's because you’re either underestimating what you need to get there or you’re trying to cut corners. The EASIER method doesn’t make the journey foolproof but it does make it easier to understand the process toward goal attainment. As I’ve said in the past “Decide WHAT you...


Recovering from failure

Anyone who has ever taken a risk, tried something new, accepted a dare, or embarked on an unknown adventure has probably failed. Failure is neither futile nor fatal – unless you allow it to be. Let’s take the focus off of the fail and redirect our thinking to moving forward. It’s ok to try and fail. It’s ok...


Tips for Avoiding Personal Trainer Burnout

Personal training is a busy business. We occasionally see clients experience burnout, so why shouldn’t we grant ourselves grace when we experience the same thing? Here are 7 tips for avoiding feeling as if you’re at the end of your rapidly fraying rope. 1) SCHEDULE YOUR TIME If you’re like most successful trainers, you’re verging on being overbooked. This is a...


How to generate more leads

When you’re starting out in a fitness business, recruitment is foremost on your mind – as it should be. And when it comes to recruitment, get innovative and creative – just as you would when writing a workout program for a client. Here are 10 ways to generate new leads for your fitness business. 1. Leverage social...


Building a Better Professional Network

The scope of practice for personal trainers only reaches so far. Having a robust and varied professional network elevates your success and allows you to assist your clients in a more holistic fashion. In other words, a wide professional network allows you to train clients in more than the physical dimension of health. Here’s how to get it done.


Personal Trainers are Not Registered Dietitians

When it comes to nutrition, personal trainers need to remain mindful of their licensed scope of practice. The area of nutrition is where the lines can get blurred. This topic is tough for personal trainers not because it’s difficult to discuss but because there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to dispensing advice. What Personal Trainers Shouldn’t Do...


6 must know ways to improve your clients sleep fitness

When it comes to sleep, both quality and quantity are important. A chronic lack of sleep results in grave consequences. Poor sleep negatively impacts every system in the human body. It also disrupts the metabolism (bad for weight loss goals), decreases cognitive acuity and focus, affects mood, increases feelings of anxiety, and causes motor vehicle accidents. Further, lack of...

Adriana Kalidis

Personal Trainer Rescheduling Policy Vs Cancellation Policy

We sat down with Adriana Kalidis who’s been in the industry for 15 years and is now the National Fitness Coordinator for Anytime Fitness Australia. We got down to the nitty gritty about her processes or lack of when she first began her journey as a PT.   “My first year and a half of being a PT where...


Personal Trainers are not Physical Therapists

One area where newly certified personal trainers (CPTs) can stumble is scope of practice. A personal trainer’s scope of practice is well defined and does not include the diagnosis or treatment of acute or chronic injuries. Because personal trainers have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and human movement, it’s naturally assumed that we also know how to care for...

Creating a call to action when marketing personal training

Creating a Call to Action in Marketing Your Personal Training Services

It’s not enough to have a business. You have to market your services and give consumers a reason to act fast. Do you have a call to action? How does your call to action efforts measure up? Otherwise known as a CTA in marketing, a call to action is an instructional message to viewers or your intended audience...

Now what

I’m Certified. Now What? - The First Steps To Starting A Personal Training Business

A conundrum all newly certified fit pros find themselves in at some point – myself, once-upon-a-time, included. The moment you receive your “Congratulations! You passed!” notification after sitting for a national exam is equal parts exciting and petrifying. Mostly, because you are now asking yourself the tough question – now what? A legitimate sense of fear and panic momentarily overrides...

carve out niche

How to Carve Your Niche in the Fitness Industry

When it comes to finding success in the fitness industry – whether as an independent contractor or business owner – establishing a niche is a key component. To start out on a solid path, there are four questions to ask yourself as you begin to build you reputation and business. * What is my philosophy of personal training? ...

make it as a PT

How to make it as a personal trainer

How to make it as a personal trainer by knowing WHAT you are in the business of, will sculpt WHY you’re in business, help you achieve your goals and become a successful personal trainer. Run through this scenario with me, you’re at a party where you barely know anyone, someone you’ve never met before walks up to you and...


Fitness First and PTBIZ Announcement

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with Fitness First Australia. Helping their new trainers glide into the industry as smoothly as possible using PTBIZ as their business tool of choice. Nicole Grainger, who we first met with, has been in the industry for 14 years and is currently Fitness First’s Group Fitness and Product Manager, we showed her...


The Ultimate Personal Trainer Checklist

It’s seriously confusing to decipher exactly what you need when starting out as a personal trainer. You see the guys and girls who work at your gym; some have notebooks whereas others have iPads. Some look smart, while some seem like they’ve just stepped out of bed. Knowing what you need in the physical sense is tough, and it...

Tax Image

5 Accounting / Tax Tips to Make Your Personal Training Business Run Better

As an accountant who looks after a number of personal trainers/fitness professionals here are some of the problems that we frequently encounter.

More Leads

How to Generate More Leads for Your Personal Training Business

Let’s skip the lengthy introduction about the importance of marketing and its effect on sales and business growth. You should already know that leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them, failure is inevitable. This article will explain tactics that have doubled the number of monthly consultations in businesses I’ve worked with over the past year. These...


Personal Trainers Guide to Client Contracts

A conversation that tends to always repeat when we speak with personal trainers is customer cancellations, I’m always asked, “How do I overcome this?” It’s a clear problem for a lot of PTs but a problem that has a very easy and simple solution.

3 Tips

Top 3 business tips for fitness professionals

This article is made up of contributions from six ELITE fit pros from both the U.S. and Australia. We asked them what their top 3 business tips for fitness professionals would be and here are their answers.


Personal Trainer Templates: Pre-exercise Screening Tool and Templates

Whether you need to screen your clients before you start your journey together or need help with that awkward client contract, these tools are sure to help.

Private Studio

Personal Trainer Jobs: Where to Work as a Personal Trainer?

There is no simple way to answer this question as it comes down to each person’s personal circumstances. There are lots of things to contemplate, so we’ve created a list of various things to ask and consider. This is to help you make the most informed decision possible at the time. Remember good business planning is key to setting up a...


5 Myths About Being a Personal Trainer

Picture this. You’re a personal trainer. Quick to qualify, you’re tanned, buff and full of energy. You start the day early, after a green smoothie, eggs on rye and checking Instagram for your latest 1000 followers. You’ve gained a few (followers) overnight so you’re pretty proud of yourself. Surely Nike is just about to ring you for that sponsorship...


6 Reason why your personal training business should be using direct debit

Full disclosure before we start. One of Keepon's core functions is electronic debit and credit card payments (from one-off payments to recurring automated payments) and yes this makes us biased. However automated payments have been around for a while and there is a good reason why they are industry best practice. So today we want to explore some benefits...

Curb Header 2

8 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Become a Personal Trainer

Everyone wants be a PT these days and there are a million and one reason as to why it’s a good idea. But it doesn’t seem to be common to talk about the not-so-good reasons, so here a few that I’ve accumulated over my years so far in the industry, and a few strategies that I have found to combat them.


7 quick tips on how to over-deliver value to your clients

We recently caught up with Darren Lague a veteran fitness professional and fitness director at Goodlife Hindmarsh and asked for his perspective on a question. “What piece(s) of advice could you offer trainers on how to over-deliver value to their clients?”   1.   Confirmation calls and texts pre session. 2.   Check in calls and texts post session. 3.   Talk...


How to make clients want to buy your training without hard selling them

If there is one thing almost every trainer has in common, it’s their innate distaste for the word “sales”. Whether you work at a commercial gym where quotas are rammed down your throat every month, at a private studio where you can train as you please, or own your own personal training business, sales are a reality we all...


How much should personal trainers charge?

It’s a question I get asked all the time from new personal trainers, even established ones. "How much should I charge for a personal training session?" New trainers can be uneasy at the mere mention of the topic of what to charge for personal training and established trainers sometimes still find themselves charging the same rate after a few years. So it’s not...


How to Grow Your Personal Training Business When You Suck at Sales

Chances are you didn’t get into the field of personal training because of the potential to sell things. No, you journeyed down the training rabbit hole in hopes of ...


Advice For The First Year Personal Trainer

Coming in to my 5th year as a full time Goodlife personal trainer (PT), you could call me a veteran. I have proven statistics wrong and lasted longer than the 3-6 month average. My journey so far has witnessed a spiralling effect of “rookie” personal trainer’s swing in and out in record time under their contractual agreements.


5 Tips on Starting YOUR Own Personal Training Business

I applaud you. Yep- straight off the bat. Well done on deciding to start your own personal training business. It takes guts to go it alone, even only initially, in any business, and personal training is not without its ups and downs.


How to Overcome ANY Client Objection

You sit down with a potential client, convinced they’ve been so impressed with your services that they’re bound to sign up. The free session you gave them went so well, and you did everything you knew you should have done – listened to their fears and their goals, assured them you could help, would make it fun for them,...

tax tips

Personal Trainer Tax Deductions: 6 Tax Tips For Personal Trainers

Take the pain out of tax time by following these 6 tax tips for your personal training business


Why Gym Staff Are Your Secret Weapon

You see them every day. You walk past them on your way in, and again on your way out. They’re all around you when you’re training clients, taking classes, clearing up the weights area, and even when you’re grabbing a coffee.

Mistakes PT's are making

Mistakes Personal Trainers Are Making With Clients

Glaring mistakes that fitness professionals make that are preventing you from achieving your goals, feeling confident and empowered, and staying healthy.

Target Customer

Choosing Your Niche as a Personal Trainer

By far the biggest mistake personal trainers make in their marketing is not having a clearly defined target market. Trainers typically think that their logo, their business cards, or where they post their leaflets and flyers will have the biggest impact on their success. The truth is, none of that matters a great deal if you have your target market (your “avatar”) nailed down.


Should You Be an Employed Personal Trainer or Go It Alone?

There are so many things to think about when starting your career as a personal trainer: Do you specialise in a specific area, or just coach general population clients? What continuing education certifications should you do? Is there any need for a mentor or business coach, or can you learn everything online and from books? And the biggie – should you look for employed work, or start out on your own? I’ve done both.


Goal Setting Your Future as a Personal Trainer

Learning how to run a business is equally important as learning how to become an excellent trainer. I worked solely on becoming a better trainer for 3 years straight. Unfortunately at the end of the day, my business was still failing because I didn’t know how to run it.


Create a professional looking flyer in under 10 minutes ( No design experience needed )

We all want to make a good impression when it comes to our brand and what better way to do this with some well designed flyers for your personal training business like the one here     I’m going to show you how to create a flyer for an imaginary PT named Monica and Monica is going to be promoting her come...


What to do if Your Personal Training Clients Want to Compete

In our line of work, we can get all manner of clients coming to us. In some ways this is awesome. Your day might start at 6am with 67-year old Mary, who’s recovering from a hip operation, but still crushes it on incline dumbbell presses. You take a break, then train Jeff, a middle-aged dude who’s got one hell of a squat. A few 20 and 30-something guys and girls follow, before finishing your day taking a group of “soccer moms” through their paces with a conditioning circuit.


5 Guaranteed Ways to Stop Clients Leaving You (Even When They’re Injured)

While you can mitigate the chances of clients getting injured, you can’t ensure 100% immunity. What you can do though, is have some failsafe methods in your pocket to keep them training with you, even when they’re beat up.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to take your clients from individuals, to the best damn team in the gym

You know why class instructors and bootcamp trainers almost always have better retention rates than one to one coaches? It’s because of teamwork and camaraderie. As a client, when you’re training in a group, with other people who’ve got similar goals.....

Email Marketing

How to Build Your Personal Training Client List with Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tools for attracting new clients. In the online training world, email marketing has long been used to pick up distance clients, or sell fitness information products and e-books, but it could also be the most overlooked promotion tool in your PT business toolbox. If you’re sat here thinking – “But Mike, how...

Your brand here

How to Turn Your Personal Training Clients Into Walking Billboards

You want every single client you train in the gym to be an amazing advert for you. Folks in the gym are a much more captive audience than any random friends and acquaintances your clients have, as you know that by being at the gym, someone at least has a mild interest in keeping fit and looking better.


Things I wish I knew when I started as a personal trainer

“If hindsight was foresight we’d all be rich” as the saying goes. Well today's article might be able to help you with this, well it may not make you rich rich but rich in knowledge at the very least.

trainer free time

7 Best Ways Personal Trainers Can Make Use of Dead Time

Hands up, who hates dead time? You know what I’m talking about – those huge gaps you have in the middle of the day, where you don’t train any clients.


What Should a Personal Trainer Look Like?

There’s a huge stigma associated with personal training. We all know this. Most of the people who enter a gym are expecting to see bikini bodies and huge, jacked, swolled, roided out meatheads for trainers. The problem with this mentality and you’re not the only one who has it, is that 99% of personal trainers look nothing like that. So...


Personal Training What You Really Need to Know

Misplaced guidance, unfounded promises, lack of integrity, biased decision making, and money-grubbing have all become synonymous with personal training.

8 strategies

Personal Trainer Business: 8 Strategies To Be A Better Personal Trainer

This article contains 8 great strategies to be a better personal trainer.


A Simple Personal Trainer Sales Guide

In this personal trainer sales guide you’ll learn to turn prospects into long term paying customers. Note: Don’t ever read directly from a script as you wont be able to actively listen to what your prospective is saying. Instead get to know the script inside and out, read it over and over and over (I’d honestly suggest at least...