Keepon products and services

How to create Products & Services that you frequently use in Keepon

Creating Products & Services that you frequently use in Keepon is super easy and will, of course, save you time and make your life a lot easier. So let’s get started.

Step 1 - There are a couple of ways of going about this, one way is going through the “Make Sale” function which is almost identical to this process but we are going to do this via “Settings”. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner where the red arrow is pointing in the image below. 

Step 2 - Tap on “Products and Services”

Step 3 - Tap on “Add product or service” or the “+” icon

Step 4 - Select whichever you’d like to create.

Step 5 - Enter the required information for whichever option you’ve selected, then tap “Save”

New Service
New Credit Pack
New Item

Step 6 - Here's an example of what things might look like once you’ve added some frequently used products and services into Keepon.

Step 7 - Start making some sales.