/ How to set up a client on a subscription

How to set up a client on a subscription

There are two ways to go about doing this one is via the dashboard and the other is via a client’s profile. Both are almost identical processes.
  1. On the dashboard tap “ Make Subscription”
  2. Tap the client you want to set up on a subscription 
  3. Enter the following information
    NameEnter the name of the plan, something that will make sense to you and your client.
    PriceEnter the price you wish to enter on a recurring basis
    Debit FrequencyChoose the frequency you wish the deduction to come out, the options are:
    • Weekly (every week)
    • 2 weeks (every 2 weeks)
    • 4 weeks (every 4 weeks)
    Start Debit OnThe date you want the subscription to start
    End Deductions
    • Never: Ongoing without an end date
    • After number of deductions: This allows you to determine the number of times it will occur
  4. Tap “Done”
  5. Tap “Send Request”
How to pause a client subscription 
  1. Tap the “Clients” icon (Two people) down the bottom
  2. Tap on the client’s whose plan you wish to pause
  3. Tap “Subscription”
  4. Tap on the active subscription you wish to pause
  5. Tap “Pause Subscription”
  6. Add reminder to unpause using the toggle so you don’t forget
  7. Tap “Pause”