/ "Making a sale" in Keepon

"Making a sale" in Keepon

How to use “Make Sale” in Keepon
  1. Tap the “Make Sale” button.
  2. Select the client you would like to attribute the sale to.
  3. Tap your required choice
  4. Tap your required choice
    ButtonDescriptionNext Step
    Choose Product or ServiceThis will take you to previously created products and servicesProceed to Step 5
    Choose Custom AmountUtilize this option if you have to charge a custom amount that is not attributed to a previously created product or services.Proceed to Step 7
  5. Select the product, service or item that you’d like to add.
  6. Review and tap “Add Service” button, then proceed to Step 8.
  7. Enter the amount then tap “Add custom amount”
  8. There are multiple payment types for you to choose from
    • Cash is Cash
    • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is a Bank Transfer and other services including: <ul
    • PayPal
    • Square
    • Stripe
    • Cash App
    • WeChat
    • Venmo
  9. Subscription: (also known as Payment Plan) – This gives you the ability to assign payment to a payment plan that is already set up
  10. Credit Pack: This gives you the ability to use a pre-purchased credit pack for payment.
  11. RequestThis function is kind of like a simple invoice and allows you to send a payment request to your clients which they can then pay via the client dashboard. You can also pass on associated transactional costs. This is sent by email and the email will contain a link your clients can follow to see the payment request.
    CardThis function allows you to take on-the-spot card credit and debit card payments by either manually entering them. You can also pass on associated transactional costs.
  12. Once you’ve selected the required payment type, tap “Record Payment” button.