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Personal Trainers Guide to Client Contracts

A conversation that tends to always repeat when we speak with personal trainers is customer cancellations, I’m always asked, “How do I overcome this?” It’s a clear problem for a lot of PTs but a problem that has a very easy and simple solution.

Online bookings, a must-have for a modern solo business

Last week we introduced our latest feature, Online bookings. This allows you to share your services with the world and have anyone book online.

Taking a Thoughtful Approach with Client Fitness Assessments

The types of fitness assessments and screening protocols are varied and diverse. Previous thinking would have personal trainers conduct as many assessments as possible with their client because collecting data is valuable and measurable. Theoretically, the more data you have, the better. Practically, this isn’t true. When it comes to conducting fitness assessments and baseline […]

What to Consider before Choosing a Gym or Studio

You’re newly certified and are getting ready to begin your journey as a fitness professional. The question becomes – where to begin that journey. Each facility has something different to offer and now you have the challenge of researching and choosing which type of facility you want to work for or contract with. It’s a […]

PT Independent Contractor Questions to Ask

Personal trainers have the luxury of deciding if they want to work as an employee for a fitness facility or work as an independent contractor (IC). Both have their positives and negatives. For example, independent contractors can set their own rates and hours and don’t answer to a “boss”. On the other hand, they are […]

Own your PT job interview

Interviewing for a new job is exciting and can be intimidating – if you let it be. Taking the time to prepare and plan will result in a better interview experience. Here are some aspects to consider and steps you can take to make sure you’re ready to ace the interview and possibly land the […]

Overcoming career plateaus as a fitness professional

Plateaus in a career are as common as fitness plateaus our clients experience. These “lulls” are neither good nor bad but are rather clues to the need for change. Do you need a change? Sometime to shake-up the status quo? Here are some ways to address and overcome a professional plateau. Imagine you’re driving down […]

12 mistakes to avoid as a personal trainer

Mistakes are inevitable components of personal and professional growth. Mistakes are how we learn and how we identify areas for transformation. Mistakes do not have to be regarded as fatal or permanent. That said, there are common errors personal trainers make that can be avoided. Side step these issues when you start out in your […]

5 Ways to take back your time as a trainer

Personal training is a busy business. Whether you’re on the floor, teaching a group fitness class, or programming for your next workout sessions with clients, you’re on the go – and should be. That’s how we get it done. If you ever feel like you’re just not able to harness and use your time effectively […]

‘EASIER’ business success

If you follow these six steps and still don’t achieve your goals it’s because you’re either underestimating what you need to get there or you’re trying to cut corners. The EASIER method doesn’t make the journey foolproof but it does make it easier to understand the process toward goal attainment. As I’ve said in the […]

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